The best launcher for Android!




What are the launcher?

The launcher is the heart of the smartphone. It’s an application that organizes your app. It handles the interaction between user and device. Each user has their own needs. A good launcher should be light and not invasive.

The launcher, to be used, must be set by default. With the launcher, you can personalize your smartphone in every detail.

Each launcher has different animations. You can change the number of screens, the organization of the applications, scrolling screens and many other things.

There are light and other highly customizable launcher. In this list are some of the most popular launcher in the Android world.


What is the best launcher for Android and what should I install?

When you are talking about launcher referenced all’homescreen a smartphone, the app drawer, the menu of notifications and quick settings, in short, the entire experience interface navigation. The launcher application allow the interaction between user and device.

The launcher will start automatically once installed, the only prerequisite is to set them as default launcher. There is a limit in the number of launcher that can be installed, but of course you can only take advantage of one at a time and you’ll have to deal with space present on the internal memory of your Android.

The launcher offer different animations and can transform from top to bottom of the interface your smartphone. Some may change the number of screens that divide the homescreen, the layout of the app in the app drawer, and even change the speed and sliding movement between a screen and the other.

Smart Launcher 2: perfect beginners

Smart Launcher 2 is perfect for those who have never used launcher before, because revolutionizes the smartphone interface without subjecting the user to customize routes complicated. Once you installed the application will do everything for you by showing you a home page functional with all the applications you use most. You can decide which set of apps default for messages (WhatsApp included) as leverage for emails, how to navigate on the internet, etc….


The app drawer will show you the app conveniently divided into categories and will do automatically, without disturbing you. Of course you can customize the menu applications at will, as well as add shortcuts on the main screen home. Simple, functional and original design, Smart Launcher 2 is particularly recommended novice users.


WP Launcher (Launcher 8): for Windows lovers


Microsoft is not having much luck with its smartphones, but the Windows interface has
its advantages, not to mention that is attractive and original. You have you always wanted
you can navigate between Windows plugs on your Android? With WP Launcher can
turn your smartphone into a Nokia Lumia, without losing the advantages of Android.
You can customize each rotary square shown on the home page by creating your
categories, and browse the applications installed on your Android by dragging
the home screen to the left. At any time, you can customize the theme,
add pieces, access the settings, change the lock screen and manage
launcher best with a simple swipe.

Buzz Launcher: to change look every day!


More than just a launcher, Buzz launcher is an aggregator of launcher and offers many themes diverse. You will not have to do is browse through the available themes and choose
one that suits more to your personality.

With Buzz launcher you can decide to change launcher every day, create widgets customized to best display the time, date, and weather information to you indispensable, and even customize the actions attributed to certain functions. All in simple and intuitive way.

Apex Launcher: the star in the Play Store


Lanucher probably the most famous of the Play Store, the one offering more options customization and can be customized with virtually any icon pack ever invented. If you are looking for a launcher that allows you to edit even the most little detail of your interface, Apex is the application for you. you establishing the position of any icon, functionality and setting, in addition to customize the theme and interface commands.
Apex Launcher is anything but complicated to use, but the configuration could lead away longer than expected and leave little satisfied users. The purpose of Apex is not to wow the crowd with colorful and futuristic backgrounds icons, but to ensure fluid interface, lightweight and easy to navigate because it can be easily customized.

Nova Launcher: for maximum customization


Nova Launcher is the brother almost Apex twin. It is a launcher that famous also it allows you to configure any aspects seemingly insignificant experience user. Among the notable features are the ability to customize
home screen, app menu, the theme and the commands through gestures, plus the ability to create folders, perform backups in an intuitive and leverage voice commands Google Now without interruption.

GO Launcher EX: a tribute to Huawei


With Go Launcher Ex will get a design very similar to that offered by the brand China, with colorful square icons and menus to display settings, the recently-opened apps, and make cleaning up and download new

Customize your home screens will become a walk, and with one swipe from bottom-up will see the main configuration settings. Go Launcher Ex is also compatible with older versions of Android.

TSF Shell 3D: animations that leave stunned

One of our favorites. TSF Shell 3D will let you create a custom widget on
home page, which will show you the date, time, percentiale the battery and other details of your choice in an innovative, modern and easy to use. You can control every aspect
interface, the theme to the transition effects of home screens, and it is the
3D animations in the most attractive feature of this launcher.
TSF in addition to offering attractive user experience, gives the opportunity to better manage icons applications, the layout of the home screen, the
positioning, and ordering them to best in convenient folders.



There is the best launcher? I think no. There are so many launcher for different needs. Light, heavy, customizable, colorful, smart.

And you which launcher you use?