In the last year they have appeared many wearable accessory. Probably in the future we will see many. Each of these devices has its own peculiarities. FitBit Flex is a small wearable accessory. The dimensions are of a large candy. To use it, place it in a band. The package includes two straps of different length and size. To load it you must remove it from the strap. Inside the strap it is waterproof. The bracelet is not nice but it’s convenient. The bracelet is thin and seems not to wear it.


Fitbit Flex wellness activity

There are not keys. To activate or deactivate for the night mode you must “tap tap” over the small led. Very simple to use. There is a screen. There are only LEDs. E ‘a device for those who want to do fitness. The bracelet is not the time, there are no notifications. Used to count the steps without disturbing. The sleep mode will allow you instead to trace the quality of your rest. Manually, through the app, you can also specify the time at which you slept.

You can perform data synchronization via Bluetooth 4.0 with your Android smartphone (or iOS), or via radio waves using the adapter with your Windows PC or Mac. The synchronization occurs only at the time of the app and will require a connection to active Internet. From your app, you can view the walk graphics (colored according to the intensity), find out the calories burned and see the progress in the weeks and months. It is also counted the number of kilometers and by setting a daily goal (10,000 steps by default), you will be alerted by a vibration when it is reached.

fitbit Flex Tracker WEARABLE ACCESSORY

Other functions can be managed via the app is the weight, what you drank, what you ate. All this information would be entered manually, but will allow you to have a much more complete picture if your goal is weight loss.

Flex can also share your data with other software like My Fitness Pal, Ednomondo, Loose It or Run Keeper. Autonomy is excellent.

In conclusion Fitbit Flex wearable accessory is a great device, because of its simplicity for its great autonomy. It is a fitness tracker and smart alarm clock.

On Amazon the price is really good. If you need this, you have found the right device.