Sony Ebook PRS T2 is a great ebook reader. Lightweight, handy and powerful. Here is a detailed description. Enjoy the reading!


The design of the device is simple and essential. The frame around the screen is opaque so as not to create reflections.
It’s ultra light : weight of 164 grams. Also included are a stylus that allows you to act on the text as a pencil.
Below the display there are a keyboard whose keys are embossed. Placement are the two keys to turn the page, the home button, than to go back and finally the button that activates the menu.
At the bottom we find: the reset button, the micro-USB port and the power key. Behind the body we find the slot for micro-SD card.
This was eliminated audio will not have the opportunity to use the text to speech or listen to some music while reading.


The display of Sony Ebook PRS T2 has a resolution of 800 × 600 pixels. The screen is an E-Ink Pearl 6 “16 shades of gray. It offers the possibility to read even in the sun without the glare problems and eyestrain. The display is opaque but overall good.
The dimensions are 11.5 cm x 17.5 cm x 0.95 cm.

Hardware and Software

The Sony PRS-T2 has a 800 MHz processor with 128 MB RAM and an internal storage capacity of 2 GB expandable with a micro SD up to 32 GB. The operating system is Google’s Android.
Turned on the device screen that appears is a list of books on the device. In the foreground the last book we open so you can continue reading including information about the title, author, last page read and reading date. Below we highlight four covers of recently added books.
The bottom bar there are three icons:

– view the loaded books;

– All notes displays notes saved;

– Applications ability to customize the device using the default settings and use applications such as Browser, Periodicals, dictionary, Handwriting (to take quick notes drawn)

Reading books

A flaw of this e-reader is that it offers the ability to support multiple formats but the most common as PDF and Epub (including Adobe DRM) and TXT.
The reading of the menu interface consists of:

– Navigate page: we can enter a page number;

– Notes to reread notes written;

– Font change the font and font size.

The available fonts are 6: Amasis, Neue Frutiger, Palatino nova, Really No 2, Univers Next and Verdana and the font size are only 8.

– Personal. Display option to customize the display of dividing the page into columns, adapting it to the width, cut out the pattern and adjust the display quality


A Sony PRS-T2 certainly welcome feature is a certain speed is in the opening of the book is in the change page that enhance the reading experience.
To confirm this we loaded a large newspaper with pictures and columns and the opening time was a few seconds more than a book of smaller dimensions.
On the device are already pre-installed no less than 12 dictionaries, specifically 2 English dictionaries New Oxford American Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary of Inglese and 10 translators from English into other European languages ​​such as French, German, Italian and Dutch Oxford- Hachette Dictionary (EN- FR and FR-EN), Collins Dictionary (EN-GE and GE-EN), Oxford Dictionary (EN-ES and ES-EN), Collins Dictionary (EN-IT and IT-EN) and finally Van Dale Pocketwoordenboek (EN- NE and NE-EN). Unfortunately it lacks an Italian language dictionary, and this is a big problem for people who love to read and need to consult a dictionary in their own language. In contrast it is useful for those who love to read texts in the original language.


It ‘a great ebook reader, light and practical. It has an excellent software and it works well. It has the right size and good battery life. It reads many formats. Unfortunately cost much, but good ebook readers are expensive.


– Battery life
– Presence of a slot for Micro SD
– Speed in loading the book and refresh


– Lack of a monolingual dictionary Italian
– Lack of lighting
– Text to speech and ability to listen to audio files absent
– A few supported formats
– high price

Technical characteristics of the Sony PRST2

Screen: 6 “E-Ink Pearl touch screen display
Resolution: 800 × 600
Audio: NO
Connectivity: Wi-Fi. Tramissione support 802.11b / g / n
Storage: Internal memory 2GB, Micro USB slot up to 32 GB
Dimensions: 11.5 cm x 17.5 cm x 0.95 cm
Weight: 164 grams
Processor: 800 mhz
Battery: 3.7 V
Supported formats Text: PDF (including Adobe DRM), EPUB (including Adobe DRM), TXT
Supported formats Images: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF