LG G Watch is a wearable accessory. It’s a good watch or it’s one of many?


Inside the package there G Watch the power supply, a USB-micro USB cable and the basis for the magnetic charging. It is big and bulky.


G Watch has a simple design. For many this could bad, considering that before the advent of the smartwatch, was fundamental design of a clock. It is not the subject of design. You very often. The strap is made of lightweight silicone, comfortable, “hot” and inelegant.
LG G Watch is resistant to dust and water. Great. You can also make you wash your hands.


There is a Snapdragon 400 inside a watch. Would you believe? It is this CPU (quad core to 787 MHz) that we find in this LG G Watch, with 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. There is not a speaker (unfortunately). There is the microphone (necessary to perform almost all operations). Bluetooth 4.0 is required to connect to your smartphone, but there is no Wi-Fi, GPS and 3G data.


The screen has a diagonal of 1.65 inches and resolution of 280 × 280 pixels. The Brightness is good, but can be adjusted manually. The viewing angles are sufficient and improve significantly with increasing brightness. The resolution is good, but less to other similar devices. The display remains the last notification in white, to save battery. Little visibility with direct sunlight.


Android Wear is Google Now. The system is based on Android 4.4 and Google Now. Android notifications have been integrated. On the phone connected to the G Watch will need to install an application named Wear that will allow you to create dialogue between LG-G-WATCH-WEARABLE ACCESSORYthe devices correctly. You always have to use Google Now for the settings. you can change the clock interface (there are so many available!). The operations that we can perform through Google Now is not the totality of the existing ones. You can take a note, ask questions of culture and society, manage reminders, send email, set timers, alarms or timers, all by voice.
Also in voice you can answer Hangout and GMail and understanding of what is prescribed is excellent. There is the problem of punctuation (existing on Android as always) is a perfect example of how Google works well on English and bad about other languages. There are specific applications that offer new commands accessible from Google Now. Google Now is activated by the first screen saying “ok google now”, but only after you wake up the screen, for example by rotating the wrist. We must always rely on Google and Google Now
The reality is that the conception of this smartwatch is totally is very integrated with Android. Relying totally on Google Now and Google is not always great. It depends on the circumstances. The Google philosophy is excellent. Many tools: GMail, Google Calendar, Keep and all other software services.


If your device receives frequent LG G Watch will be recharged every night as notifications for your smartphone.


The price of LG G Watch is great. A cheap luxury watch. Some limitations but good basic functionality.


LG G Watch is a good device. Actually Android Wear is a good software. You will not need to use your phone for notifications that they can now also be deleted directly from the watch. LG G Watch is a perfect friend. Low price because it has at least 1 year. If you exceed the idea to always use Google and Google Now (which is a good idea), G Watch is a good buy.