The ZTE Nubia Z9 is a smartphone with Snapdragon 615 Octa-core CPU, Full HD display, 2GB of RAM, dual sim 4G LTE, 16GB expandable via Micro SD, Android 5.0. It’s a phone from the compact, elegant design and a good camera. Here is the complete review!

Packaging and accessories

Very nice package but poor. The box is black with silver logo and red. It’s easy to find on the internet accessories for this smartphone.


Design and materials

ZTE Nubia Z9 has a Snapdragon processor 810, an Octa Core 64-bit next-generation architecture based on Cortex-A53 / A57. It has an Adreno 430 graphics card and 3GB of RAM. The display is 5.2-inch Full HD. The memory is 32GB of onboard memory and is expandable.

Dimensions: 68.3 x 147.4 x 8.9 mm

Weight: 192 g

SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 MSM8994

Processor: 4x 2.0 GHz ARM Cortex-A57, 4x 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A53 | Octa Core

Graphics Processor: Qualcomm Adreno 430, 600 MHz

RAM: 3 GB, 4 GB, 1600 MHz

Internal memory: 32 GB, 64 GB

Display: 5.2-inch, IPS, 1080 x 1920 pixels

Battery: 2900 mAh

OS is Android 5.0.2 Lollipop

Camera: 5312 x 2988 pixels, 3840 x 2160 pixels, 30 fps

SIM card: Nano-SIM

Wi-Fi b, g, n, n 5GHz, ac, Dual band, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct

USB: 2.0, Micro USB

Bluetooth: 4.1

Navigation: GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS


This ZTE Nubia Z9 has the Dual SIM module and is compatible with many of LTE networks. Dual SIM with MicroSD. The dimensions are 68.3 x 147.4 x 8.9 mm. It’s heavy: 192 grams. The back cover has a good grip. THE phone is easy to handle and is quite thin. Good materials, good design and display.


Beautiful! It has Full HD resolution on a 5.2-inch diagonal, and also has great colors. The display does not have a border as the S6 Edge. The visual impact and design are excellent. Very good software that allow the display color changes. The software allows you to use the phone with one hand with simple gestures. The Gesture department is comfortable and intuitive.

Battery, Audio and Reception

The phone battery is very powerful: only the 2900 mAh available. At 18 the phone is already discharged. How to use and a duration is very similar to Z9 Max. There are many controls for energy efficiency that allow not only to act on connectivity, programs, displays, and general settings, but also to change clock, core and GPU. The bottom speaker is very good. Media playback is great and the quality headphones are good for the equalization of sounds. Good reception with all operators. Unfortunately it gives off a lot of heat.

zte-nubia-z9-camera Camera

The rear camera has 16 megapixels and the front 8. The quality is very good. Probably it improved the software that manages this device. The photos are beautiful and of high quality. Many settings options to configure the camera. So many options and so many gestures that enhance the use of your phone.

The music player is great and easy to use. The musical sound is strong and excellent gaming department.

ZTE Nubia Z9 is a great phone?

Z9 is a very interesting smartphone, based on a 64-bit platform and Lollipop. Great hardware and great software. The Snapdragon 810 processor is very powerful. The phone has a small battery and emits a lot of heat.
Z9 has a very nice design, a great display and a great software.



There are good smartphone under 200 $?

Yes, there are many phone under 200 $.  I chose three of the best known and with the best features. I did not choose new products but phones that work well and have excellent features. Most people do not spend $ 600 for a phone. In addition to iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S6 there are many other phones that cost less than $ 200. I am one of those people who not would like to spend $ 600 for a phone. Of course, the top phones have excellent performance or thery are more lightweight  but i can to wait  3 seconds more or to carry some grams more. The list of smartphones under $ 200 is long but I have decided to choose 3. Find a phone low price is easy, but finding a good phone is not so easy. There are so many Chinese phones but few good phones. I chose smartphones that, in my opinion, have a low cost and low prices.

  • MOTO G (2015)
  • Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 (4.7-inch)
  • Huawei Honor 5X

MOTO G 2015

Motorola Moto G is waterproof, good camera, good battery. The model with 16 GB internal memory is really interesting. Good quality / price ratio


  • Waterproof
  • great display
  • good camera with good light
  • good battery life


  • 8 GB are too few
  • Reload slow
  • Bad pictures in low light

Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 (4.7-inch)

One Touch Idol 3 by 4.7 inches is a nice surprise. It is a smartphone very well balanced with regard to design, build quality, components and user experience. Not shocked your user experience, but get used to not ever having to turn the phone is a great advantage.


  • you will never turn
  • thin and light
  • good screen
  • simple software


  • Many apps pre-installed third-party
  • Limited internal memory
  • Made of plastic

Huawei Honor 5X

Honor 5X is a good successor to the mid-range of the company. It’s a phone built well, with a good fingerprint reader. And ‘dual sim. Poor quality of the speakers.


  • excellent build quality
  • good fingerprint reader
  • dual SIM + microSD
  • good price


  • imperfect performance
  • the software is not updated to 4.0 EMUI
  • slow camera
  • speaker poor quality
These are my choices. What are your choices? For you, there are anothers good smartphone under 200 $ ?


xiaomi mi5Xiaomi has decided to present three different variant of MI5. Apparently different only in the clock of the processor and the rear bodywork, maybe not everyone knows that Xiaomi MI5 Pro (or the ceramic version with 128 GB of internal storage) is provided with a RAM LPDDR4 slightly overclocked compared to the basic variant. This is a difference certainly more marginal with respect to the clock frequency difference. But what are improved?

To answer this question, we rely on the review posted on the official forum MIUI. The result is very amazing. For MI5 we are talking of 179.566 points where the Samsung Galaxy S7 stops “only” 125,000 points. We can see that the great work done by engineers and developers Xiaomi.

Before I leave, we want to mention the technical characteristics of this super smartphone:

5.15-inch display with Full HD resolution and protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4;
Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC with quad 64-bit CPU core and GPU Adreno 530;
4 GB of RAM;
128 GB of internal storage UFS 2.0 not expandable;
16 megapixel rear camera with OIS 4-axis;
4 megapixel front camera;
fingerprint sensor;
Dual SIM connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
3000 mAh battery with support for the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 standard

The best launcher for Android!



What are the launcher?

The launcher is the heart of the smartphone. It’s an application that organizes your app. It handles the interaction between user and device. Each user has their own needs. A good launcher should be light and not invasive.

The launcher, to be used, must be set by default. With the launcher, you can personalize your smartphone in every detail.

Each launcher has different animations. You can change the number of screens, the organization of the applications, scrolling screens and many other things.

There are light and other highly customizable launcher. In this list are some of the most popular launcher in the Android world.


What is the best launcher for Android and what should I install?

When you are talking about launcher referenced all’homescreen a smartphone, the app drawer, the menu of notifications and quick settings, in short, the entire experience interface navigation. The launcher application allow the interaction between user and device.

The launcher will start automatically once installed, the only prerequisite is to set them as default launcher. There is a limit in the number of launcher that can be installed, but of course you can only take advantage of one at a time and you’ll have to deal with space present on the internal memory of your Android.

The launcher offer different animations and can transform from top to bottom of the interface your smartphone. Some may change the number of screens that divide the homescreen, the layout of the app in the app drawer, and even change the speed and sliding movement between a screen and the other.

Smart Launcher 2: perfect beginners

Smart Launcher 2 is perfect for those who have never used launcher before, because revolutionizes the smartphone interface without subjecting the user to customize routes complicated. Once you installed the application will do everything for you by showing you a home page functional with all the applications you use most. You can decide which set of apps default for messages (WhatsApp included) as leverage for emails, how to navigate on the internet, etc….


The app drawer will show you the app conveniently divided into categories and will do automatically, without disturbing you. Of course you can customize the menu applications at will, as well as add shortcuts on the main screen home. Simple, functional and original design, Smart Launcher 2 is particularly recommended novice users.


WP Launcher (Launcher 8): for Windows lovers


Microsoft is not having much luck with its smartphones, but the Windows interface has
its advantages, not to mention that is attractive and original. You have you always wanted
you can navigate between Windows plugs on your Android? With WP Launcher can
turn your smartphone into a Nokia Lumia, without losing the advantages of Android.
You can customize each rotary square shown on the home page by creating your
categories, and browse the applications installed on your Android by dragging
the home screen to the left. At any time, you can customize the theme,
add pieces, access the settings, change the lock screen and manage
launcher best with a simple swipe.

Buzz Launcher: to change look every day!


More than just a launcher, Buzz launcher is an aggregator of launcher and offers many themes diverse. You will not have to do is browse through the available themes and choose
one that suits more to your personality.

With Buzz launcher you can decide to change launcher every day, create widgets customized to best display the time, date, and weather information to you indispensable, and even customize the actions attributed to certain functions. All in simple and intuitive way.

Apex Launcher: the star in the Play Store


Lanucher probably the most famous of the Play Store, the one offering more options customization and can be customized with virtually any icon pack ever invented. If you are looking for a launcher that allows you to edit even the most little detail of your interface, Apex is the application for you. you establishing the position of any icon, functionality and setting, in addition to customize the theme and interface commands.
Apex Launcher is anything but complicated to use, but the configuration could lead away longer than expected and leave little satisfied users. The purpose of Apex is not to wow the crowd with colorful and futuristic backgrounds icons, but to ensure fluid interface, lightweight and easy to navigate because it can be easily customized.

Nova Launcher: for maximum customization


Nova Launcher is the brother almost Apex twin. It is a launcher that famous also it allows you to configure any aspects seemingly insignificant experience user. Among the notable features are the ability to customize
home screen, app menu, the theme and the commands through gestures, plus the ability to create folders, perform backups in an intuitive and leverage voice commands Google Now without interruption.

GO Launcher EX: a tribute to Huawei


With Go Launcher Ex will get a design very similar to that offered by the brand China, with colorful square icons and menus to display settings, the recently-opened apps, and make cleaning up and download new

Customize your home screens will become a walk, and with one swipe from bottom-up will see the main configuration settings. Go Launcher Ex is also compatible with older versions of Android.

TSF Shell 3D: animations that leave stunned

One of our favorites. TSF Shell 3D will let you create a custom widget on
home page, which will show you the date, time, percentiale the battery and other details of your choice in an innovative, modern and easy to use. You can control every aspect
interface, the theme to the transition effects of home screens, and it is the
3D animations in the most attractive feature of this launcher.
TSF in addition to offering attractive user experience, gives the opportunity to better manage icons applications, the layout of the home screen, the
positioning, and ordering them to best in convenient folders.



There is the best launcher? I think no. There are so many launcher for different needs. Light, heavy, customizable, colorful, smart.

And you which launcher you use?


Xiaomi mi5 is a good phone? satisfy increasing expectations? The review!!!

 XIAOMI MI5 review


The package of MI5 (poor for a top of the range) contains a USB-USB Type-C, an accessory to remove the carriage of SIM and QuickCharge Feeder 3.0


Xiaomi has chosen a superlative blend of design from its latest smartphones why MI5, including a curved glass on the back (as on Mi Notes) that serves to improve the grip. The shell is made of aluminum, as on many other top of recent range. But there is a difference: the metal goes to bend at the back to create a unique line with the glass. Very nice. For the rest of the design choices are many and very reasoned, even though we were not particularly convinced of the bottom of the screen.


Xiaomi MI5 is the first smartphone that we try to have adopted a Snapdragon 820 quad core CPU. There are two variants of this smartphone: the 32 and 64 GB of internal memory (a very fast UFS 2.0), which also differ in the clock speed of processor, 1.8 or 2.15 GHz. In both cases we have a GPU Adreno 530. The processor has largely met our expectations. The RAM is then 3GB. Excellent connectivity: Xiaomi MI5 is a dual SIM smartphone with support for LTE networks up to 600 Mbps, pity about the lack of the band 20 800 MHz.

Wi-Fi (which takes very good) is ac, Bluetooth is 4.2 and Xiaomi has chosen to reintroduce the NFC. Well for the presence of the infrared port and also for the introduction of a precise fingerprint reader on the front. You will have to press to activate the recognition and the release will be instantaneous. Then (if you prefer) to use it as just a tap home button and not necessarily a pressure. Absent the FM radio.

Xiaomi Mi 5 is available in 32 and 64 GB.

XIAOMI MI5 is a good phone?


The main camera has a resolution of no less than 16 megapixels and has an aperture of f / 2.0. This camera is then stabilized on 4 axes (two translational and two rotational), in addition to have on hand for night pictures a double two-tone LED flash. The software is classic Xiaomi without resulting in the amount that now we find on many other competitors. However, we have automatic HDR, the manual mode, the timelapse and video in slow motion. The videos are then normal recording at resolutions up to 4K.The shots are excellent with good or sufficient lighting and are also still very good in low light.” The camera is above average.


Xiaomi has done for his MI5 choice (shared with other companies) conservative: that is a very good IPS panel 5.15 “” only “Full HD. The resolution is very good and the mounted display is quality: good colors, good viewing angles and very good brightness, also thanks to the LED backlight 16 that provides a luminance of up to 600 nits. There is also a software mode which adjusts the contrast of each pixel in real time when the sun shines directly on the screen. Via software, if you want, you can then adjust contrast and color of the display.


The firmware is only in English  and the Play Store is installed in addition. At the time the bootloader is locked and install an alternate firmware will require her release. For the rest, however, it is the usual great MIUI 7.2.5 firmware based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with only parts still destined for the Chinese market. The software is fluid and extremely feature rich, even if (as already complained) a bit ‘been in recent months. We have now a new feature I Mover and in this smartphone, we have not encountered any problems with notifications. Well the Xiaomi browser (but may not have Google as the default search engine), and even the media apps included.



The price is very good for a high quality phone


Yes. I think it’s a good phone. Work well and the price is low. Good job Xiaomi!



The family notes was initially synonymous with phablet. But now that this definition is cleared, the Note family has acquired another connotation. Now Galaxy Note is synonymous of productivity and quality.


The cardboard box of Notes 4 contains the power supply 2A, a USB-microUSB cable, the in-ear headphones and all its adapters.

Construction and ergonomics

Aesthetically Galaxy Note 4 is not a revolution in the phablet Samsung family. The line remains recognizable and unchanged and the back is in imitation leather (it is still plastic). Especially in white color we tested the back has little convinced us, but it is still a rather subjective factor. The profile for the first time in metal. Instead of this, however, the central part was painted plastic.

Frontally, always speaking of design, it’s nice glass that becomes more rounded on the outside, however, effect just mentioned and not particularly eye-catching. We reassure everyone was afraid of “cracks” on the outer frame. None of this is present and indeed, the assembly remains a very strong point of this device. The step forward from last year is important, but there is still significant room for improvement.


Notes is often synonymous with hardware innovation. This year there is a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor 2.7 GHz cores. Coupled we also have the new Adreno 420 graphics processor and RAM is always 3GB. Connectivity then reaches amazing peaks of this Note 4: LTE up to 300 Mbps (faster on paper of each competitor), Wi-Fi dual-band, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, video out via microUSB MHL, Miracast connectivity, and even MirrorLink for GLONASS satellites.

The speaker has been moved to the back, certainly less functional than 3 notes, but still has a good volume and good sound quality (comparable to S5). We can not forget the S Pen, now even more sensitive and, on the back, the usual function key.

The internal memory is less than 32 GB and is expandable using a microSD. Compared to Notes 3 also we gain two new S5 already seen: the heart rate sensor and fingerprint reader. The first has been enhanced with new features, including the oxygen in the blood reader, the reader of the stress level and the UV level player. The second will allow you to protect your data, unlock the smartphone and make payments through PayPal. Just as to S5, the reading accuracy is optimal, but the gesture to use it is not practical and is not achievable with a single hand. Missing the FM radio.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera has a 16 megapixel camera with LED flash, but it is not ISOCELL, as of S5. The shooting interface is very similar  and other shooting functions have also been removed, relegating almost all to download optional. The quality of the shots has definitely affected us positively, giving us pretty much at every opportunity-rich shots of details, color fidelity and highly “reusable”. The videos are adjustable even in 4K (but in this case you lose the optical image stabilization). The gallery is also worthy of Samsung software suite, making it very smooth on every occasion, even with synchronization with active cloud services. Inside there is a great recognition function of the scenes and a great Studio software, to apply cool effects. Among the shortcomings we highlight the continuing absence of HDR and the inability to record video in slow motion with audio and then edit them.



The screen is an incredible QHD (ie 2560 x 1440 pixels) 5.7-inch. The size is not increased compared to Notes 3, but is instead increased the resolution, making it impossible to distinguish in pixels, not only in normal distance, but also approaching the display. If you are wondering the real utility of a screen resolution so high, you’re in good company, but since the color fidelity, brightness and autonomy (as we shall see later) will not be affected, we can only appreciate this update. Automatic brightness works well and we experienced a feature which clears the screen and raises the brightness when the display is exposed to direct sunlight. The result is that the screen is always perfectly visible.


The software is updated to the 4.4.4 KitKat version of Android and already enjoys a multitasker tabbed reminiscent of Android 5.0 Lollipop. List each software feature of this phone is impossible but we have a major reorganization. Also rationalized the multiwindows functionality, reducing the need to open the side panel (which loses the tab) and allowing you to reduce the window to open application with a wave and do the same even with the app open in multitasking.
There is S Finder for the global search and the menu Quick Connect, as this is still the booster download, advanced energy saving, the lock mode (not to be disturbed at certain times), and the private mode to share “sensitive content “from the rest of the phone. S Health has a greater number of functions and S Voice can also be activated from off screen.
By accessing the GALAXY APPS (the Samsung store for the app) you can download free software like Office Hancome, SketchBook and Soundcamp. The first is probably the best management software of Office documents at the present time on Android, the second is an excellent app to draw and the third is a DAW for musicians who also supports low latency USB audio and MIDI tools.


sony xperia z5 review

The Sony Xperia Z5 is a good smartphone or it’s another one? Here the Xperia Z5 review.


Inside the box we will find  1.5A power supply and a USB-microUSB cable. Inadequate for a top of the range.

Construction and Ergonomics

Sony Xperia Z5 keeps your simple design, also change a number of the details of the product compared to the previous year. The new Sony serious looks is extremely elegant (in the dark color we tested) and impact. Really very nice rear glazed glass that of contrast, however, dramatically worsens the grip on the smartphone, making it one of the most slippery smartphone currently on the market. Comfortable keys on the side and the balance of the volume is a bit ‘small. Very good the presence of the physical shutter button.



The processor within this smartphone is the same Snapdragon 810 octa-core that we had also seen in Xperia Z3 + and has a clock frequency of 2 GHz. The RAM is 3GB and the internal memory is 32 GB expandable via memory microSD. Great compartment on the connectivity: up to 300 Mbps LTE, Bluetooth 4.1 Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS and GLONASS, Miracast, MirrorLink, DLNA, MHL and support for Dual Shock controller. Too bad for the warming to after prolonged use of the smartphone.

Good the two front speakers. They will not reach the quality and potency of other competitors, but they are well placed. Discreet fingerprint reader.


The camera is now with 23 megapixels and is assisted by a single LED flash. The photo quality is very good. However excellent videos that are recorded with a spectacular stabilization software. Good software. Poor the front camera: only 5 megapixel.



The 5.2-inch display has a resolution (very good) of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It is made of IPS technology. Offers good brightness, a good regulation of the automatic brightness and also discrete viewing angles. He fails to impress as other competitors, but it is without a doubt a great display.


Android version is customized with a version of the interface is not particularly invasive. More invasive however many preinstalled apps. The system is extremely smooth, responsive and even slightly cleaned up from previous versions. Too bad for the lack of some “smart” features, but remain small app floating, Movie Creator to make small video from photos and video and the ability to change the theme of interface.



For me Xperia Z5 is the best phone Sony but it’s very expensive: this is the problem. For me Xperia Z5 compact is the best choice: the size of display is perfect!




Inside the box you will find from 1A wall adapter, USB-Lightning cable and of good quality Apple headphones.

Construction and ergonomics

If the data sheet indicates that the phone is slightly heavier and just as often, the reality is different: the product is virtually identical to that of the previous year and stands out, not have them both, only for the iPhone marked S (without the 6) on the back. The smartphone is made ​​of aluminum 7000 series and is much more robust than the previous version. But in everyday use we confirm that there are no substantial differences. The smartphone is compact, very convenient to use and carry in your pocket. The only fault that can be attributed to it being slightly slide.
Also good all physical buttons (power, volume, and home of the silent switch button) that have a click decided to pressure.


The last time a smartphone Apple doubled its amount of RAM dates back to 2012 (with the iPhone 5). That is why we should not underestimate the considerable increase in power that the 2 GB can lead to this device, then joined the new Apple A9 processor dual core 1.84 GHz. The internal memory is available in denominations of 16, 64 and 128 GB . The smaller version is to be recommended only to those who can not spend € 100 more needed to version “later.”
LTE connectivity is up to 300 Mbps, Wi-Fi supports the two bands, Bluetooth 4.2 and is the NFC (though usable only for Apple Pay -not in Italy-). There is GPS with GLONASS, but is absent on the FM radio and the infrared port.
Impressive then the recognition speed of the fingerprint reader called Touch ID 2. The speed is almost doubled and the recognition is so fast that in many cases it is almost impossible to be able to see notifications on the lock screen.

from amazon.co.uk
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Instead, from the iPhone 4s that the camera does not receive an upgrade in terms of resolution. Now we have a new 12 megapixel with dual LED flash, while the front camera is 5 megapixels. The already excellent quality of the camera of the iPhone 6 has yet received a small improvement. The software is fast, simple to use and the pictures are full of details with a good HDR automatically takes action when necessary. Of course, shooting options are few and there are no other big news, if not the “flash” front used by coloring the display in the moment of the shot. An idea very functional (and views already on other phones). Remarkable lights in panoramic photo management.
The videos are recorded base in Full HD or 4K or Full HD at 60 fps. There remains the possibility to do timelapse and video in slow motion. Absolute quality of the shots is no longer an unattainable benchmark for the competition, but Apple has done what had to remain at least in the top 3.
The live pictures (3 seconds of video along with photos)? Unnecessary.



The screen remained essentially unchanged. A great example 4.7-inch IPS display with resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels. The viewing angles are good and almost perfect color rendering.
The real novelty lies in the 3D Touch, which allows the user to apply pressure (of two different intensities) on the screen for additional functionality. If some of the functions shown by Apple are little more than demos, others are very intelligent and will make you feel the lack of that possibility when you should use any other smartphone.



iOS is the version 9.0.2. The novelties are not many and mostly concern the new 3D Touch, some new apps and a new management of multitasking. Of course the news does not really end there, but they are small adjustments that improve usability without distorting it. The Apple paradigm is unchanged: iPhone = iOS. To appreciate better then an iPhone you will have no regrets embrace the whole Apple ecosystem, especially iCloud.

Why buy Iphone 6s?

I think Iphone 6S is not the best smartphone but it’s the most cool!
With this phone you buy a status. It’s not only a simple smartphone!


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Iphone 6s price

It’s true, Iphone 6s is expensive. This is a smartphone top. If we see the alternative is all very expensive. In this case we buy not only the smartphone but the cool status.