Inside the box you will find from 1A wall adapter, USB-Lightning cable and of good quality Apple headphones.

Construction and ergonomics

If the data sheet indicates that the phone is slightly heavier and just as often, the reality is different: the product is virtually identical to that of the previous year and stands out, not have them both, only for the iPhone marked S (without the 6) on the back. The smartphone is made ​​of aluminum 7000 series and is much more robust than the previous version. But in everyday use we confirm that there are no substantial differences. The smartphone is compact, very convenient to use and carry in your pocket. The only fault that can be attributed to it being slightly slide.
Also good all physical buttons (power, volume, and home of the silent switch button) that have a click decided to pressure.


The last time a smartphone Apple doubled its amount of RAM dates back to 2012 (with the iPhone 5). That is why we should not underestimate the considerable increase in power that the 2 GB can lead to this device, then joined the new Apple A9 processor dual core 1.84 GHz. The internal memory is available in denominations of 16, 64 and 128 GB . The smaller version is to be recommended only to those who can not spend € 100 more needed to version “later.”
LTE connectivity is up to 300 Mbps, Wi-Fi supports the two bands, Bluetooth 4.2 and is the NFC (though usable only for Apple Pay -not in Italy-). There is GPS with GLONASS, but is absent on the FM radio and the infrared port.
Impressive then the recognition speed of the fingerprint reader called Touch ID 2. The speed is almost doubled and the recognition is so fast that in many cases it is almost impossible to be able to see notifications on the lock screen.



Instead, from the iPhone 4s that the camera does not receive an upgrade in terms of resolution. Now we have a new 12 megapixel with dual LED flash, while the front camera is 5 megapixels. The already excellent quality of the camera of the iPhone 6 has yet received a small improvement. The software is fast, simple to use and the pictures are full of details with a good HDR automatically takes action when necessary. Of course, shooting options are few and there are no other big news, if not the “flash” front used by coloring the display in the moment of the shot. An idea very functional (and views already on other phones). Remarkable lights in panoramic photo management.
The videos are recorded base in Full HD or 4K or Full HD at 60 fps. There remains the possibility to do timelapse and video in slow motion. Absolute quality of the shots is no longer an unattainable benchmark for the competition, but Apple has done what had to remain at least in the top 3.
The live pictures (3 seconds of video along with photos)? Unnecessary.



The screen remained essentially unchanged. A great example 4.7-inch IPS display with resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels. The viewing angles are good and almost perfect color rendering.
The real novelty lies in the 3D Touch, which allows the user to apply pressure (of two different intensities) on the screen for additional functionality. If some of the functions shown by Apple are little more than demos, others are very intelligent and will make you feel the lack of that possibility when you should use any other smartphone.



iOS is the version 9.0.2. The novelties are not many and mostly concern the new 3D Touch, some new apps and a new management of multitasking. Of course the news does not really end there, but they are small adjustments that improve usability without distorting it. The Apple paradigm is unchanged: iPhone = iOS. To appreciate better then an iPhone you will have no regrets embrace the whole Apple ecosystem, especially iCloud.

Why buy Iphone 6s?

I think Iphone 6S is not the best smartphone but it’s the most cool!
With this phone you buy a status. It’s not only a simple smartphone!



Iphone 6s price

It’s true, Iphone 6s is expensive. This is a smartphone top. If we see the alternative is all very expensive. In this case we buy not only the smartphone but the cool status.